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Who's health care bill is it?

Yes, I understand that National Security is important. I do believe that unemployment is first and foremost on every one's mind. We still have to keep an eye on the banks and the movers and shakers on Wall Street. But, today as I was eating my oatmeal and perusing the Wall Street Journal (that I acquired through my sky miles points because I don't fly airlines that charge for baggage), I found part of the current American malaise. We see only ourselves. We don't see the collect whole. We are Iowans, Californians, South Dakotans, Utahns, New Yorkers, etc. Our representatives in D.C. only think about their state. In large states, only their districts and what is really good for their district so they can get something done for their district so they can be re-elected. "We the People" has vaporized into some mythical enigma that was created by the founding fathers that we only refer to when we feel the need. Who are we kidding? The headline on page 4A of The Wall Str

Is anyone paying attention to your healthcare "benefits?"

It is my 63rd birthday and while I was showing off pictures of my beautiful granddaughter, the charming and industrious technician giving me a pedicure was asking me about my technological savvy. "Do you text? Do you Skype? Do you email? Do you send photos with your phone? Do you have a Facebook account?" My answer was yes to all her questions and then I added, "I even do automatic bill pay!" She then asked me, "Do you blog?" Meekly I replied, "No," "Someone as technologically gifted as you doesn't blog!" It was at that moment I made up my mind. I will begin blogging today. It is my birthday. A beginning of a new year. I have been totally frustrated with my fellow Americans for the past six months for not speaking up on so many issues that I am taking the plunge and going out into cyberspace to see if there are any American citizens that are as mad as I am. You see the Congress of the United States is tre