Thursday, March 11, 2010

No Grass Grows Under Their Feet

It is just like them. I thought that I would have one of my three aunts give me their impressions of my mother and of her other two sisters. I have called each of them today. All I get are their answering machines. My aunts are on the dark side of eighty. (The picture have posted is several years old.) They are active, engaged, and need social secretaries. They have the common and sometimes the not so common challenges of aging, but they keep moving.
Each of them kept moving through their lives powered by their own passions,while following their callings. Let me explain.
Mary, my mom, was a full-time homemaker and mother of six children. Don't yawn! She touched every heart and soul she met. She filled every stomach. She taught me how to: devour a book, cook, entertain, and bake. She introduced me to Jeanette McDonald and Nelson Eddie, Lerner and Lowe musicals, 10 p.m. Saturday Night movies and so much more. There are several blogs planned focusing on Mary. My mom has left this earth, but her presence always is with us.
Janet, my aunt,the oldest sister,and my godmother is a wonder. Her story is amazing and demonstrates the strength of women. She expanded my life through travel. Gave me an excuse to laugh more and to find fun. She always allowed my true self to be present (that will be an entire blog). Her passions continue to be family,service and travel. Her strengths include tenacity and independence.
Cecilia, my aunt, the youngest sister is the musician. So aptly named, her passion is singing.Her musical accomplishments endless. She gathers strength from her religion. She taught me what learning how playing an instrument can do for one's life. She encouraged my singing.
Lillian, my aunt, and a religious sister, more years than she allows me to print. Her gift of service to God is enhanced by her faith, intelligence, tenacity, and faithfulness. She has been my faith touchstone. She taught me how to reinvent myself.
There are stories to tell about these women. This blog is to honor them during Women's History March 2010

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Women's History Month 2010

Decades have passed and even though I praised these women and honored them often, it is time to place them in cyberspace. These four women are remarkable. They are sisters born before World War II of an industrious immigrant mother. Each followed a path different within the confines of the society that they were living. Yet, each were able to break the mold expected of them. Each were able to strike out and make their own imprint in the lives of their children, friends, and communities.
So during this Women's History Month, I would like to blog about what I learned from each of them. Follow me as I tell you about my observations as seen through the eyes of someone growing up watching ordinary women living extraordinary lives.