I'M Back! Happy 2012!

What can I say?  I tried blogging last year and life got in my way. So this is a new year, a clean slate, and I am happy to say that I am "getting back on the proverbial horse."  Every writing class or seminar I have taken in the last two years speaks of the benefits of blogging. They credit it for improving writing skills.  The writing gurus state the following rewards of blogging:
1) It keeps you writing daily.
2) It makes you think outside the box.
3) It helps you write for a specific demographic.
4) It gets your name out there. 

Okay, okay, who is the vigilant silver fox? Do I have a real name or did my parents name me silver or vigilant silver and is my last name is fox?  Many of you might consider that answer because I live in Utah.  We have a tendency to name our children unusual names.

Getting to know my demographic is a bit difficult. You see no one wanted to follow my blog. I became discouraged and stopped writing.  The experts claim “write and the followers will come" even if you have to bribe your family and close friends to become one of your followers.

Thinking outside of the box really never has been a problem for me. In fact, it has been noted that the phrase was invented by my parents when I was born. You see I was supposed to be born on Christmas. They kept telling I was going to be a Christmas baby.  So I made my appearance on January 7 (Eastern Christmas) instead of December 25 (Western Christmas). My parents knew that they were in for a ride with me since I made that decision.

Writing has never been a problem for me. I write on napkins, paper placemats, the back of deposit slips, little notebooks, “have pencil, will write."   So if you happen to be in the local Walgreens and spot a half sheet of paper with the number 36 written in the top right hand corner of the paper, please pick it up.  If the handwriting looks like calligraphy and is written in pencil, let me know.  It is probably a missing page from one of the novels I’m working on.

Happy January!


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