It's My Party

There are those who are in disbelief, but I've made it. It is true. I am celebrating that milestone birthday. There are senators and congressmen who are complaining that I am on the "dole."  I am a true babyboomer now.  I can collect medicare and social security with this birthday. 

My family is celebrating this milestone. Not because of the of my eligibilty, but because of my survival. You see birthdays for me the last twenty years have been gifts. They have been joyous occasions that send my husband and I into a dance. My birthdays make both of us giddy like a pair of two sixteen year olds.

It's my party and I'm celebrating because I AM SURVIVING.  I have chalked up a heart attack caused by a dissected large ascending artery (LAD) and a stroke caused by a patent frame ovalee (PFO).  Yes, you see me dancing every birthday. Glasses clink, voices lift in song, family members from acrose the nation call me. This is a big deal.

I am fortunate. I have healthcare. I live in a state with excellent health care providers. Leading technological advances and research is readily available to the residents of this state with healthcare. 

There are families who don't dance, sing, or toast merrily on their loved ones birthdays. They didn't have access to good healthcare.  In fact, more than 1.6 million Americans still don't have healthcare. Do you consider yourself your "brother's keeper?"  Then you have vote like your brother's keeper.  Keep the Health Care Bill alive. Don't let Congress' face change. 

Every American should celebrate more birthdays. Take it from me it is far better than the alternative.


Mary Butler said…
A belated Happy Birthday. You express my sentiments as well.

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