The Silence is Broken!

Below this commentary are links taken from Face book.  Suddenly, relatives and friends (ages 18-34) who are normally labeled complacent by the political pundits are speaking out.  The two issues that have brought this generation to a rallying cry are the Keystone XL tar sands pipeline and the imminent possible passing of two bills (Protect IP Act -PIPA in the Senate) and (Stop Online Piracy Act- SOPA in the House of Representatives).  

The President has stalled the Keystone XL tar sands' bill  (  If you have not been paying attention, this bill was fast-tracked by our U.S. Congress to put down a pipeline from Canada to Texas.  Look it up on the links provided.  It should shake your world a bit.  Talk about a major target.  Furthermore, we are not looking at alternative methods of energy.  We really need to think outside of the box about energy.  What are our alternatives?

Then these two bills in Congress are throwing the baby out with the bath water.  The following link will help you understand these bills a bit more (  Being a fan of the Internet, the frustrations of worms, hackers, and pirates are costly.  The beauty of the Internet is its accessibility.  Before the Internet, piracy was alive and well.  Knock offs and plagiarism are old artifacts of our commercial culture.  Censorship is not the answer.  This is a country where freedom of speech has been a tenant our military fought to preserve.  We cannot shrivel up and just let our legislators make a decision without hearing from us. 

Kudos to all my friends and family who are rallying and working to get the word out about these issues. It is important that citizens are active in the political dialogue.  Now call, write, text, tweet, or email your legislators and tell them what you think.  


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