Better Heart Health Brushed Away

The bottom line is that brushing your teeth at least twice daily, flossing once daily, and seeing your dentist at least twice every year for regular cleanings and oral exams—the American Dental Association’s basic recommendations for staving off periodontal disease—might also be a heart-healthy strategies.
("Healthy Teeth, Healthy Heart?", Healthy Living, June 20, 2007.)
 Read the quote again...chew on it for a bit. How many of you follow the American Dental Association's basic recommendations for preventing periodontal disease? Some of you may say that you are too young to worry about it. Others my simply say that it is too late for you because you have dentures, and some of you may say that you rigorously follow these dental recommendations.

Then there are some of you who say, "Hey! I can do some of this, but seeing a dentist is hard. I don't have a dental plan. Dentist are like blood suckers. They want their money right up front. Dental health is a luxury."

To those of you who are without dental insurance, my sympathies go out to you. Why isn't dental health in our medical plans?  If dental checkups, preventative dental care, and regular cleanings are important in the fight against heart disease, then won't it stand to reason that it would be part of the medical arena?

Well, my readers it is not because it is a relatively new concept to have preventative health care for some insurance providers. There are carriers who don't offer it. Why? well it means you have to invest in your subscribers. You have to trust that they will take a vested interest in their health. You see the reason why most folks don't want to do this is they are not interested eating well, exercising, and being responsible for their health. Most people want a magic bullet (pill) to make the health issue to make it go away. Working at being healthy hasn't been taught to us as a civilized group.



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