Has Red Become Dead?

 My red dress was my outfit of choice today.  I was ready to make my statement for the American Heart Associates "Wear Red for Women's Health. The day started with escorting my husband to the oral surgeon. We walked in and everyone stared at me. Is it the red dress or the fact that at 7 a.m. that brought on the stares?  "Happy Women's Heart Health Day!" I promptly said to the receptionist. "I see you also wore red today."

After a few seconds she smiled and said, "What day is it?"

After his surgery it was a short trip to our dentist for a fitting for a temporary cap. "Wow, look at that red dress!" he responded.

"How come you don't have red on for the women in your life?" I chided. "Are you giving out red toothbrushes today?" (My dentist also is a friend for those of you who may wonder why the discussion is so familiar.)

We dropped the prescriptions off at the grocery store. Heads turned as we shopped the aisles in search of "soft food.  No one else had red on, let alone a red dress.  By the time we got home,  I was beginnning to think that I was the only woman standing up for women and heart disease.

Helped my husband get something to eat, take his medications, and tucked him in for a nap. I made myself lunch and turned on the television. Then it happened, all the national televised programs were wearing red, men and women. My faith was restored. RED was not dead.

The links below further explain why February has been designated "Women's Heart Health Month." The "Go Red for Women" campaign also is explained. Check it out. See if you think that the women in  your life are worth the attention. You see if the women's hearts are getting attention, then everyone is getting attention.





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