Yes!  You read the title correctly.  During the month of February midst the diamond, candy, perfume, and flower commercials romanticizing that you need someone to bring you gifts to fill your life, place your hand on your heart and say "How do I Love Me?"    
Like all things that begin with simple honest feelings Valentine's Day has evolved into a day that causes many to feel like outsiders if they don't have a partner, a love interest, someone to bring them a Valentine. 

HOLD on here readers!  St. Valentine believed in love.  You can't love someone else, if you don't love yourself first.  That is why I am a proponent of celebrating Valentine's Week.  An entire week dedicated to reminding me how much I appreciate me.  This isn't an egotistical statement.  This is a survival technique.  Taking care of one's self only steels you to love and care about others.

Plan a week of sweetness, pampering, pondering, recalibrating, soaking, or whatever takes you away from the day-to-day routine.  Make something happen each day.
  • Sunday: SOAK!  Use those salts, bath oils, or bubble bath that you slipped away at Christmas.  Pour a glass of ice water.  Surround yourself with candles and soft music (I prefer silence...your choice).  Lock the bathroom door.  Turn off your phone and leave it in the car.  Slither into the warm water, close your eyes, and say: "All is well, I deserve this!" 
  • Monday: Buy a magazine, book, or DVD. This is your entertainment for your time out.  Peruse the selections.  Think about what YOU would read or view if you had the time.  Take your time selecting.  Then schedule on your calendar (phone, computer, or paper one) a TIME OUT.  Take a Time Out to read or view.  You only need 15 minutes a day.  Each day schedule your Time Out and say: “This is my time, I need it, I deserve it!”
  • Tuesday: Get a spa treatment.  Try a manicure, pedicure, massage, and skin refresher, facial.  These little luxuries are physically good for you and nourishing for your soul.  Schedule an appointment today after you read my blog.  Remember: “Your body and soul needs this pampering.” 
  • Wednesday: Buy a two or three of your favorite chocolates from your favorite chocolate shop.  This indulgent has to be done with great care.  You are picking the candy for the most important person in your life YOU.  Select a few, but select the best. When you choose to eat your chocolate, eat only one at time.  Let the chocolate melt in your mouth.  Savor the richness of the chocolate and the sweetness of the filling.  Say to your self: “May this sweetness enhance my sweetness!”
  • Thursday: Select a lovely bottle of wine, a quart of fresh orange, or your favorite liquid refreshment that your feel is an exorbitant expense.  This selection is for those moments you want to savor.  A moment when your want something to slowly wash across your palate, slide down your throat and make you feel: "JOB WELL DONE!" 
  • Friday: Take a walk by yourself.  Take as much time as you need.  Pick a spot that rejuvenates and strengthens your spirit.  Spot along the way.  Take slow cleansing breaths.  Take in life.  Say: “I am more than myself, I am part of this universe”.
  • Saturday: Invite a friend to join you to do an activity that you enjoy.  Breakfast out, coffee, movies, shopping, you choose.  Select a friend who has good energy and makes you feel alive.  Say to your friend: “My life is richer because you are my friend."

Be good to your self not just on one day, but also all through the year.  Happy Valentine's Week!


danani said…
This sounds like my weekly agenda. Not always in this order but follow the steps, it works like a charm!

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