Let The 2012 Summer Games Begin


 Thank you London for the fabulous Opening Ceremony! Danny Boyle's shot with Queen Elizabeth and James Bond was brilliant. The history of Great Britain told through its growth as a farming culture to becoming the leaders of the Industrial Revolution crescendoing into a massively forged set of Olympic Rings complete with aroma smoke. A country that sees its National Health care and Literature as two of its greatest achievements. The creation of an Olympic Park that rose out of the ashes of a blighted neighborhood. The lighting of the the Olympic cauldron by the future Olympians. Then to end the ceremonies with Sir Paul McCartney inviting the athletes and the attendees of the ceremonies to sing together. The world at its best, there is nothing more that can be said,but to pick your favorite games and watch.


Cee Gee said…
Loved the new "Bond girl" sequence as well . . . The Queen's sense of humor and good nature were very apparent and appreciated.
Amy Jarecki said…
I'm having such fun watching the Olympics... Go US! Loved the women's gymnastics.

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