Thursday, August 16, 2012

Disney Might Have Got It Right

It's been a while since I saw a Disney movie with my daughter. In fact, not since Pochantas, did we sit down in the movie theatre to watch one. I was totally disillusioned with the miscarriage of history that occurred during that movie.  I vowed another Disney movie wasn't going to come within my viewing sight. Then a few months ago, I saw the coming attractions for Brave. I told my 22 year old daughter that I wanted to give Disney a second chance.

Disney studios has had an awakening. Although I did feel badly for the portrayal of the men behaving badly, the story line of the love of a mother for her child and vice versa was wonderful. The teenage daughter trying to find her path and the mother relying on her daughter's instinct was well done. The daughter demonstrated that she actually listened to her mother. Her defense of her mother even if it meant giving up her own life was heart wrenching.

The movie isn't for the very young, but a daughter that is on the cusp of adolescence or even a mature woman would find this a wonderful movie to watch with her mother, a grandmother, aunt, or a group of friends.  Discussion is bound to follow. So many lessons can be taught. I highly recommend this for Junior High viewing and discussion. The movie is filled with examples of gender stereotyping and sociological messages.

Take someone you care about to see it. As my daughter said, "Oh mom, don't tell me this movie has made you emotional." I smiled and thought to myself, It is because you noticed my emotions that this movie made it all worth it. 

Thank you to
(Brave Pixar) for the pictures.
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