HELP! - Where is My Writing Groove?

This is a crisis. The inner drive that makes me get up and run to my laptop to write is a whisper. The intuitive energy of the cosmos that makes me continue to work on a story or poem is lying dormant. The frustration of having an idea bubble forth at the most inconvenient times (e.g., while getting my teeth cleaned at the dentist) and not being able to jot it down has not been felt.  The exuberance of finding the right adjective or a crisp, clean, and clear dialogue for a character has eluded me.  HELP! My creativity is nearly on life support. 

Searches on the Internet for cures, exercises, and remedies have been a lesson in futility.  WOW! Everyone has advice.  Everyone is an expert on the Internet. It takes a few minutes of browsing before you realize that help ranges from a $4,000.00 class to a sensory deprivation room to gain your creativity juices back. 

Perhaps, this pause in my creative process is my muse making me stand still for a while. It's the universe's attempt to improve my writing tools by:
   Teaching me to breathe deeply and slowly.
   Stopping to observe new and perhaps missed opportunities.
   Sharpening my eyes to see clearly and to adjust my perspective. 
   Honing my intuitive skills to sense and deduce more.  
   Bringing warmth to my heart and feelings closer.
   Listening for the conversations of my characters to make them authentic.



Amy Jarecki said…
Golly I wish I could help. I just go for a walk and then start writing. I write a lot without worrying about how good it sounds--then I go back and edit it later :-) Good Luck!

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