The Gaunlet Is Thrown!

       More than 365.000 writers world-wide heard the challenge and joined the National Novel Writing Month's invitation to write 50,000 words for a brand new novel in a month.  Before hitting the road with my daughter, I met with some of the constituents of this event in my county. This group is a mix of the entire population. Veteran and non-veteran "nanowrimo-ers" equally are excited about taking on the task.

       Those of us who are first timers are filled with questions. How do you enter you tally? Do you write an outline? What genre do you write? What is your main character like? How do you find uninterrupted writing time?

      The group was a buzz with excitement. Many of the participants plan on be part of the Saturday writing sessions at local libraries. These are driven writers. All these folks are purpose-driven. They have a story stirring within and they want to let it explode on the page.

       How many of the veterans completed 50,000 words? Well, that is the goal, but even those that may have missed the mark say "I'm back this year because it was a great experience. It taught me a lot about me and my writing."

      During November, this blog will be devoted "the vigilant silver fox's" experiences posted about on this creative journey. Happy imagination for all of you who dare "to try" a new tact to getting all the stories.


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