NaNoWriMo - Still Creating!

Here it is Week Four.  I am at 44,416. Okay, some of you may think that I have the 50,000 words in the bag. This is the precarious part of this process.

 I have four days and my life still is going on not to mention my characters are doing there own thing. I have to bring the wanderings of a U.S. Marshal and her Federal Witness to some peace of mind. I have a murderer on the lose, trying to make a deal with the Feds. There are two mob underlings who have had it being treated as doormats and they now are prepared to reveal a new twist to organized crime. 

 I think it was midweek when I cut open a brown paper bag, duct taped it to a wall in my office, and used a brainstorming process called mindmapping to get my characters under control.  It worked. It wasn't pretty, but it worked. Now, I have this group of characters heading towards a "wrap." 

This last week also was very exciting because some interesting things happened to some of my characters.  A villian has discovered his softer side.  One of my main characters has met the man she will marry in another book in this series, (neither one of them know it yet). 

I have researched some fascinating information on air travel, historical sites, and life before technology.  I have backed up this work on my PC, a jump drive, and of course there are hard copies. 

Once this push for the first draft is done my work is not completed.  My mind already is swirling with a plan for the editing process. To add to the stress, my remodeling project is still going on and Christmas will come whether I like it or not.


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