Christmas Past - Muses New Ideas

       Each time I attempt to write about a holiday memory I am stymied by my choices. Do I write about my childhood memories? The baking of cookies with my mother. The staying up late and watching television with my brother while my parents attend midnight mass.
       Do I write about my memories as a teen? Do I tell about working in my grandmother's bakery? The preparation of special baked goods made only for the holiday. The joy of participating in the musical productions at my high school. The challenges of learning to master new songs and recipes simultaneously.
        Should I share my experiences as an adult in the retail industry preparing for the big holiday? The hiring, training, extended hours, the joyful customers and the not so happy customers.
        Or better yet, I could pick a story about the holiday season and its impact on the many students I  had the privilege of teaching.  The preparations for school assemblies, classroom parties, the joy of that prevails throughout a school during the holiday season and the trying times.
        Then, of course, there are the memories of the holidays past with my children as they were growing up. Watching the wonder and awe of the Santa Claus years. Hearing the cry "Santa has come, wake up, wake up." Experiencing the joy of the school pageants and volunteering projects. The hosting of the big Christmas Eve open house so my children could experience the tradition of welcoming all to our home so we could honor Christ in all that entered our home that night.
       Perhaps what I am really feeling is not the lack of ideas, but maybe a new book brewing within my psyche. It seems when I can't narrow a topic down to a single idea. I follow the flow ideas to see if there is a pattern. I cluster the patterns and begin to outline. The outline becomes the beginning of a new and glorious book or short story.  Christmas past becomes a muse.
    Happy holiday season to all. Enjoy and remember to keep the holiday season well. Keep your loved ones close to you. Remember the good times of Christmas present and past and all who are your life today and have been in your life.


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