Fourth Week - NaNoWriMo Results

It was with great disbelief when I tallied my words on Wednesday, November 28, and the total "shouted" to me 50,661 words. It’s done. A novel completed in a month (well,the first draft), a novel consisting of more than 50,000 words. My last attempt at novel writing was tedious, painful, and after several months I could only eek out 35,000 words.

Word count was not the only success I experienced during National Novel Writing Month. Consider some of my new learnings and successes:
1. Branching out and meeting new people at the meet ups and write ins were helpful for my psyche and work ethic during the challenge.  The joy and duty of a writer is to meet and interactive with new people. (Hey, you never know when you might meet that new character you were searching for your next book.)
2. Establishing boundaries for your writing time is key to successful writing. It became very clear during NaNoWriMo that I had a writing goal. (It is especially helpful if you remind your loved ones how many words you have completed and how many more you have to write.)
3Exploring new methods for overcoming writers block and sustaining creativity.  (Daily pep talks and writing tips are available from both NaNoWriMo staffers, Municipal Leaders, and veteran writers.) 
4Participating in an activity with not only individuals in your community, but the entire world allows you to feel that there are more people like you trying to be heard and read. (More than 365,000 individuals wrote this year and more than 3.2 billion words were written. (Yes, the word is billion.) These words were produced in the month of November.
5. Announcing that I was going to write 50,000 words in a month created a few skeptics. To all who may have doubted my ability, I say, next time you will believe me.

Writing is a passion with me. Books, ideas, poems, jingles, greeting cards, letters, newsletters, programs, catalogues, technical manuals, scripts, blogs, emails, and yes even love notes are all part of my writing repertoire. I am a writer. I proudly wear my NaNoWriMo 2012 Winner's shirt proudly.


Amy Jarecki said…
Wow, Pat, that's AWESOME!!!!! Congratulations!!!!! See you on Goodreads.

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