Twenty-Seven Empty Chairs

This holiday season 27 families have an empty chair.
They have lost a singer of carols,
A gift opener, a eggnog drinker, a cookie crumb maker.

A family member lost through unexplainable actions 
Of a gun toting man set on an unknown mission.
A child, sister, brother, best friend, teacher, aunt, uncle
Who left before the holiday season begun.

The nation stunned yet again with senselessness shooting.
It is difficult to speak aloud about this great rendering of innocents.
Adults trying to help children understand when they hardly can contain their own feelings.

Storms, hurricanes, and tornadoes destroy property. 
Those types of losses are devasatating and hard to bare.
The senseless robbery of human life is a travesty that none of us can phantom.
Yet 27 families are feeling pain that never can be described. 
Their chasm of the heart is bottomless and forever.

Pray for the families and friends of the children and teachers lost.
Pray for the students and faculty who endured the horror.
Kiss your loved ones daily in the morning every day.


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