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Wear Red For Women

Wear your red on Friday . This is my once a year reminder to all my family members, friends, and colleagues. I am alive today because of the the work done by the Heart Association for women's heart health. They have been promoting women's heart health and research.  Please remember, February 1, "Go Red for Women" Day. Please take a minute to click on this site and read what has been done since my heartattack in 1991 and my stroke in 2001.

"The Dawning of Change" - Again

WOW! Here we are, the country has completed a transfer of power. The ceremonies and celebrations marked the occasion of the President Obama's Inauguration into his second term. The people have spoken. The constitution has worked again. We are a fortunate as a nation. My household followed the happenings throughout the day. (Why? That's another blog.)  Change is one of those few things in life that is a constant. Many countries across the globe do not deal with governmental change as smoothly as the United States. Speaking of change, I saw the Broadway touring company of HAIR this weekend. Now, my children asked, "Why did dad and you decide to see Hairspray ?" You see all of them were born after the first Broadway run of Hair (1968) .   I had to explain to them that HAIR  shook the foundation of all that was "American" when it debuted. It had the first multi-racial cast that interacted with one another, leading roles, and romantic interactions. It

January 2013 - Holiday Recap:Highs and Lows

By now I am sure many of you have stored your holiday items away. Thrown out the last of the Christmas cookies and candies. Written your New Year's  resolutions and perhaps broken one or  two by now. I still have cookie dough that was stored in my freezer waiting to be baked. I have decorations and outdoor lights to take down. Two fir trees that still seem to have managed to stay fresh still need to be taken down. This holiday was fast, furious, and filled with a full range of emotions. Coffey-Read Clan Together 2012  It was filled with the joy of having all my children together for the first time in years.   It was a season of sweet moments of watching my granddaughter enjoy the holiday with her uncle, aunt, and both sets of grandparents. There was a rush of Christmas pasts when the "Lego"  train was introduced to another generation. Sleepy heads went quickly to bed with a story. Our littlest family member learned to ski. Stephen (nephew)  and Carmela (sister)