January 2013 - Holiday Recap:Highs and Lows

By now I am sure many of you have stored your holiday items away. Thrown out the last of the Christmas cookies and candies. Written your New Year's  resolutions and perhaps broken one or  two by now. I still have cookie dough that was stored in my freezer waiting to be baked. I have decorations and outdoor lights to take down. Two fir trees that still seem to have managed to stay fresh still need to be taken down. This holiday was fast, furious, and filled with a full range of emotions.
Coffey-Read Clan Together 2012

 It was filled with the joy of having all my children together for the first time in years.   It was a season of sweet moments of watching my granddaughter enjoy the holiday with her uncle, aunt, and both sets of grandparents. There was a rush of Christmas pasts when the "Lego"  train was introduced to another generation. Sleepy heads went quickly to bed with a story. Our littlest family member learned to ski.

Stephen (nephew)
 and Carmela (sister)
It was diminished by the loss of my sister's husband who has been an integral part of our family for more than 45 years. It was a heart rendering  end of an era. Seeing my younger sister and her son so broken by sorrow and knowing that no words or actions could "make it better" for them. Loss shakes the core of every family. It forces everyone to question their own mortality and purpose in life. It stops everyone and makes them remember how the person who has left this dimension has touched them personally.

Somber thoughts for the blast off for a New Year. Yes, but in these moments of sorrow and reconnoitering, come the rays of hope that help all get up the next morning. We often are blessed with new direction, new resolve, and new strength to follow the paths that we may have been afraid to attempt.

So in our brokenness of loss,
We saw the future that our children and grandchildren have yet to experience.
Tears washed away stagnation and cleared our vision to see a future ahead.
Loss teaches us that we gather together to strengthen those who cared about us both near and far.

As I begin this year of blogging, I thank all of you who have been my faithful readers. You are helping me become a better writer. By now I hope you know that I have completed two novels that are in various stages of rewrite. Thank you for your support.

If you like what you read, please share it with your friends and family members. By sharing you are helping me build a base. Have a great 2013 and be sure to hug those you care about often.

Al  Lewkow
Al, you always will remain in hearts. 
May you design great things in your new life.


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