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Why I am a "silver sister?"

"Silver Sisters" do you know what that term means? Well, it could be a name for a silver artwork group or the name for women who have grouped together to support one another in deciding, transitioning, and maintaining their gray hair. You see gray hair can appear for a woman as early as her teens and continue to plague her till the grave.

When you try to google "gray hair," you find yourself wading through lines and pages of advertising for hair coloring products.  It would make you wonder if these product manufacturers are the instigators of the drive to have men and women cover their gray hair. 
I know when I was in the work force and my gray starting to bloom over both of my ears, a well meaning colleague informed me that I needed to cover my gray. Her suggestion went on with the comments, "You know, grey hair will age you. You have a young face. Do you want everyone to think that you are old?  Color you hair so you don't look your age."Even my dau…

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