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April Showers

 Some parts of the country literally are floating away in rain. While other areas are begging for water.  I thought  my last April blog reflect on the song "April Showers." I tried to research the song's origins. I discovered a movie was produced with the title "April Showers" about a Columbine survivor.  There also is a movie called "April Showers" about a vaudeville couple who have fallen on hard times. My search lead to poems, clip art, and "April Showers" sung by multiple artist. "April Showers" really is a song about hope and optimism I hope your day is made better today with this clip from YouTube . Though April showers may come your way, They bring the flowers that bloom in May. So if it's raining, have no regrets, Because it isn't raining rain, you know, (It's raining violets,) And where you see clouds upon the hills, You soon will see crowds of daffodils, So keep on lookin

April: Recognizing All Volunteers

This week April 21-27, 2013 is National Volunteer Week . I can't let this week pass by without recognizing all my friends who are volunteers. For the past five and half years, I have been given the privilege of being a volunteer at Utah's largest hospital. Before that I was a volunteer on multiple fronts for my children's schools and for health issues.   The position of volunteer gives you the opportunity to become a member of a team because you wanted to be on that team. I have met the most interesting and dedicated individuals on every volunteer assignment. The ages of these volunteers range from 16-96. The talent pool is phenomenal. The gratitude received is richer than any paycheck. Giving with your heart and soul to a group, organization, or a person is a high calling. Volunteers do not ask for anything. They are doers. They are people who are problem solvers, empathizers, ‘roll-up your sleeves and get dirty’ kind of folks. You sometimes can&#

National Poetry Month - Carry a Poem

While brainstorming for this week's blog, I discovered that in 1996, the Academy of American Poets established April as National Poetry Month. All writers of poetry are invited to celebrate with libraries, schools, booksellers, teachers, and readers of this art form. Poetry has been with the human race even before we scribed it. Humanity uses poetry to tell tales, dedicate, profess love, honor, and express passion or emotion. In fact, my first venture into writing wasn't a journal or a short story, but poetry.  I am not a trained poet. My poetry is reflective of my thoughts and feelings. Sometimes it rhymes. Often it has rhythm. It is not prose. It is a category that stands on its own. The American Academy of Poetry ( suggests that during April everyone should carry a poem in a pocket, purse, or wallet. You may have a favorite one already. Perhaps you might want to peruse a book of poems or an anthology and select a new one just for this activity. Even if yo