April: Recognizing All Volunteers

This week April 21-27, 2013 is National Volunteer Week. I can't let this week pass by without recognizing all my friends who are volunteers. For the past five and half years, I have been given the privilege of being a volunteer at Utah's largest hospital. Before that I was a volunteer on multiple fronts for my children's schools and for health issues.  The position of volunteer gives you the opportunity to become a member of a team because you wanted to be on that team.

I have met the most interesting and dedicated individuals on every
volunteer assignment. The ages of these volunteers range from 16-96. The talent pool is phenomenal. The gratitude received is richer than any paycheck.

Giving with your heart and soul to a group, organization, or a person is a high calling. Volunteers do not ask for anything. They are doers. They are people who are problem solvers, empathizers, ‘roll-up your sleeves and get dirty’ kind of folks. You sometimes can't tell the difference between a staff member and a volunteer because the volunteer blends seamlessly into the team. 

Volunteers smile on the job. No matter what may be going on in their personal life while on volunteer hours they are gracious, open, and cooperative. Volunteers are present. They know when they are needed. In some circumstances, they simply show up.

So before today ends share this blog with a friend that is a volunteer. Let them know that you know that they are an important contributor to life. Without our volunteers much of the stuff of everyday living wouldn't get done. 

Let me know in the ‘comment section’ if you are a volunteer. Share with us your feelings about being a volunteer.


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