May: Celebrate the 50th Anniversary of Older Americans Month

One out of every eight Americans is 60+ years of age. This group is unleashing their talents and experiences across the nation. During the month of May take time to spot a vibrant American elder. You will be surprise where you will find them.

Look around your gym, dance, or yoga class. They may be a classmate in a language or a art class. You can find members of this group hiking, biking, boating, skiing, sailing, walking, or helping a group of school children across the street.

How about that new coffee shop owner or book store manager? Take a look at who is registering new voters and serving coffee and donuts at church on Sunday. A citizen of 60+ years can fool you not only by what they are doing, but also by their vitality. The senior citizens of the 21st Century are maximizing their "Third Age."

The elderly have been stereotyped as helpless, out of touch with the world, needy, and dependent. While a small part of the senior population needs assistance.   Never should agile, hearty, and healthy seniors be marginalized. We are one of the few societies that dismiss our elders. We don't seek out their experience or knowledge. Sociologist can explain why and economists have supporting data, but the truth is that today's senior is a contributor to society. If you just take the hours of volunteer time to churches, schools, political organizations, and non-profits, you will find seniors are the gift that keep on giving.

So, during the month of May, stop and chat with an American Elder. Find out about them and what they have contributed and what they are contributing today. It will surprise you.


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