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Mom and Me
Researching the history of Mother's Day proved fascinating.  The earliest attempts to honor mothers began with the ancient pagan holidays for the goddess Astra (fertility). Through the ages various attempts by both religious leaders and women tried unsuccessfully to elevate the role of mothers in society. Leading to a natio very commercial national holiday complete with advertising blitzed weeks prior to the second Sunday in May.

How and why we celebrate Mother's Day is not important. It is important that we remember mom. Not just because we have a day to remind us, but because as a child, mom is our touch stone. She was our go-to gal. My mom has left this dimension many years ago, but every weekend I still feel like I need to make my Sunday call to her.

When I left my parental family thirty plus years ago.  I moved five states west and more than 1600 miles away. It was the equivalent to moving on the moon to my mother. She wasn't able to "drop by." She couldn't understand what the western United States had that the Midwest couldn't offer my husband and I.

The distance was diminished as long as my mother knew I would make my weekly Sunday call.  She still wanted to  know she was my touch stone and one of my counselors. The call always was anticipated. No matter how hard I would try to mask my mood or feelings, she could tell if I was having a bad week or a bumpy day. The calls were long and sometimes very intimate. She understood.

So in this day of Skype, texting, email, tweeting, Facebook, and unlimited long distance helps make Mother's Day happen more than once a year. Keep in touch.  Once a year is nice, but a regular "just keeping in touch," goes on beyond all dimensions.

(Reprise from 5/7/2013)


Kelli said…
Very nice, Pat.

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