Writers Among Us

Writers pass themselve off as ordinary folks. If you are standing in line with a writer in the grocery store, you won't be able to identify him or her. They sit next to you in church. They teach your children or serve our country. They come from all walks of life.

With today's technology, you don't even have to hold a pencil or know how to type to write. There is software that allows the writer to speak his or her words aloud.

All writers have a voice. Whether they plan on having their work read or not, once the words are placed in an medium it permits another pair of eyes to read it. The writer becomes vulnerable to the reader. Writers are artists who reflect the sum of their creative processes to fulfill a driving passion within themselves, to entertain an audience, to meet a deadline, to pay the bills, or all of the above.

Writers generally work in isolation. Although research, observations, interviews, and editing can be a communal effort.

We talk about writing. We talk about concepts, processes, genres, and trends. The essence of writing, the core of what takes a string of words and makes sense of them, is an idea. It is rare when we fully disclose an idea. They are like our chidren. They need to be nurtured, tended, and allowed to grow into new stories or poems.
Yes, on the surface we may look like your neighbors, but somewhere beneath the third or fourth layer of skin lurks a plot waiting to bubble to the surface.


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