Observation: Springboard of Inspiration

 Observation is the springboard for all INSPIRATION.  The simple act of watching the trees move, a cat stretched in the sunlight, children playing, a couple holding hands, a headline, or a date on the calendar commemorating an event can catapult me to place pen to paper.  Observation allows one to look for the soul or the spirit of an action which transforms the ordinary into the extraordinary. It sounds simplistic, but stop, watch, listen, and take in the ordinary. You will experience the more by just being present in the moment. You may become inspired.

"Rain isn't just water in the desert, it is a religious experience. 
It is life's nourishment." (Coffey).

 When a clerk asks, "How's your day?" and you answer back "Great, how's yours?" Be open to observe the richness of that person's life unfolding before you. Even the crowded streets are more than the impersonal masses in a hurry to a destination. Close scrutiny of the crowd reveals individuals: each with a story, and each with a mission, each driven by a deadline.
         Observation is the springboard to inspiration, experience it. Use it. Make it the first step in the outline of a blog, story, poem, or journal.  Take what you see to another level. Transform what seems mundane to the magical or mystical.  Write about how you felt when you were observing. Sing about the music you heard. Snap the moment that brought inspiration to you, print it, and pass it on.


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