Where do I write?

My ideal setting for writing is a room full of inspiration. It is clutter free, equipped with a pot of fresh coffee or tea  (depending on the time of day). There is large dry eraser board for me to write notes to myself as inspiration strikes. Of course large sheets of paper sticking to the walls, so I can write story lines, avail myself to spontaneous character development, or left my muses spark new ideas on the papered walls while I am writing.

In reality, the room I call my office,  the room I seek calm and serenity to write is smack in the middle of the family photo storage (as in pre-digital photos). My grown children's mementos that "someday" I am going to place in a scrapbook fill a cupboard/bookcase. It has novels that I have read and kept because I like them. (I donate my books at the end of the year if I don't think I will use again).

My writing reference books occupy an entire book shelf. Another bookcase is filled with cookbooks (that's another blog) and supplies. I have an ancient PC and a large printer. Why? It's my back up. My laptop and I have had a contentious relationship (that's another blog).  Besides my sons built that "Hummer of a PC"  more than six years ago for me.

My desk under the window is suppose to be a writing space. Realistically 85% of the time it is the catch all for papers, bills, and stuff when we quickly clean up the upstairs for "company." The writers in the audience truly will understand that concept.   No, if this writing place feels crowded, it is! It is only an  8 x8 room with a wonderful window.

My goal is to eliminate the clutter, organize the work flow, and get ready for National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) in November. Right now, the progress is slow. Other projects are calling me, but I am not discouraged. I have been known to be a clutch player.

So, when someone ask me where do I write?
Right now it is anywhere that is quiet, bright, and supports my "muses."  In other words, have laptop will write. In the meantime, have office, will clean by November.


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