Thanksgiving 2013

First of all, drum roll please. I am thankful for making a grand total of 51,066 words five days before deadline. NaNoWriMo is said and done. No, the novel is not done yet. No, it will not be published next month. Remember there is six levels of editing yet to be done. A few reviews by alpha readers and then the beta readers have their turn to review.

Indian Springs Condo View
Now, I am grateful that I can focus on the break Tim and I are taking in Sun Valley, Idaho. The weather has been lovely. The area has changed dramatically since we last visited one of our favorite places.

We decided we needed to retreat and regroup.  Our entire family is coming home for Christmas. We are so excited it has been a year since that has happened. We are using this time to relax and plan. (Okay, I wanted to get NaNoWriMo completed, also.) There is merit to going some place that is different from your regular routine.

It took us three days to learn our way around an area we thought we use to know. It was amazing to see what overbuilt really looks like. We sat down today and congratulated ourselves for coming to visit at this in between season, after the summer rush,  and before the skiers arrive.

Swans at Sun Valley Lodge
I love Thanksgiving. I love the preparation of the meal, setting of the table, conversation, and of course being with family and friends who share common experiences. It is strange not to be in checklist mode:
  • menu
  • shopping
  • cleaning
  •  meal preparation
  • cooking time lines
These days of leisurely breakfast anytime we want in our condo. Eating and drinking where and whenever we want is intoxicating when I think of what the alternative could have been for us.

I know it will be a new experience eating a Thanksgiving Dinner in a restaurant, but I'll have a year to think about it and report about it.

Till then have a wonderful holiday, enjoy the day with somebody you care about, and remember you
don't have to eat turkey to be thankful.


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