2014 Holiday Survival Tip - "Google" It

December 1 is the first day that Christmas becomes a topic in our home. Now readers, I realize some of you may have already hung your Christmas lights on the outside your homes. You may have your Christmas tree up and decorated. You may even have your Christmas shopping done, wrapped, and hidden.

Don't think us late starters are nonchalant about this entire Christmas event. Personally, I have learned organization is my friend during these 24 frantic days preceding the Christmas day.

My husband and I have planning meetings about Christmas. After years of juggling the holiday demands of three children, we still plan holidays.We take out the folder from last year and write a plan.

Originally I was going to share my Christmas checklists with you.  Until I started researching for this blog.  You see I found this website http://christmas.organizedhome.com/  You may want to take a look at some of the great ideas on it. I thought that I was an original with my planning ideas, but It seems someone else has managed to design multiple articles and printable downloads to help you through this busy season. It also includes ideas for organizing for next year.

There are several downloads I thought were great. I am going to  replace my old list with Cynthis Ewer's premade lists in my Christmas organization folder this year. Check out the links below and see if any of them suit your style of organization:

The Christmas Countdown Binder
http://christmas.organizedhome.com/printable/christmas-countdown You have all the elements to begin to create an annual Christmas binder or file to help make Christmas easier.

The 'Beta Testing Site of Download Sheets"
http://christmas.organizedhome.com/printable/christmas-planner/beta-test-fillable-forms  This link provides actual sheets you can download and print.  If you are lucky enough to own Adobe, you can type directly on the sheet and print.

I looked through several of the sheets. The cleaning checklist is blank leaving room for details. I particularly like this feature. Deep cleaning for the holidays should be done early (one cleaning checklist) and a second checklist for "pick up and maintaining the cleaning." The blank documents for cleaning helps you personalize your cleaning plan.

The best download of all and the most important one is this preseason planner sheet:
This sheet is great. Print it for yourself. Fill it out for yourself. Remember you may think you can plan a fail safe Holiday Seaso, but it is still about the interactions and feelings of family and friends. These are based on individual emotions. No matter how great  of a planner you may be, you can't control this aspect of the holiday.

Also, you must make a checklist to take care of yourself.
Next week's blog addresses "Pampering for Sanity."


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