Holiday Survival Tip - Punt When Plans Go Astray

Twas a bit more than a week before Christmas and all through the house boxes, lists, and ornaments were strewn...
       Now I don't know the condition of your home, but this weekend was disrupted when I torn a ligament in my leg on Friday and have been lying in bed with my leg above my heart.  The doctor's instructions: "If you want to be walking by Christmas you must keep off your leg for four to six days."  I obediently took the shot for pain. (The pain was so great I could hardly speak.) He adjusted a pair of crutches for me so I could hobble about the house. It is maddening to sit in your home, drugged, knowing that there are cookie doughs to make, gifts to wrap, cards to write, and of course a blog to write. The safest task was to write my blog.
      I use to get upset when things were disrupted, when my plans didn't go smoothly.  I learned soon enough that there are things in life you can control and things you can't control. When an out of control event happens, don't blame yourself, take it for what it is: a moment in time to reflect, regroup, or recharge. I've been spending my time in bed reading Dear Life, a series of short stories by Alice Munro. I have been listening to some new Christmas albums on iTunes. I have been restructuring my menus for the eight days my family will be here for the holidays. I have done the last of my shopping online. I had a great talk with a friend and my sisters. So, would all of this happen if I didn't hurt my leg? Probably, but it won't necessarily be as relaxing or enjoyable as it is propped up in my bed.

      Today, is the second full day of my confinement. The pain is subsiding. I am trying to have a profitable day. I did a bit of editing on one of my projects. Napped. Ate lunch, and thought that every Christmas has a snag. Each year you try to plan, organize, make sure you're on schedule with shopping, cleaning, and baking. Then out of the blue, a weird thing comes along and stalls or disrupts your strategy or momentum.  Take it from me. Don't get angry. Don't whine. Find a way to make the best of it. You will be a far better patient and your family will love you more.


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