Tis the Season to Tally Up

Regardless of your religious or non-religious beliefs, these last days of December offer all of us an opportunity to tally our debits and credits not only financially, but also emotionally and spiritually. As we literally count down the days until January 1, 2014, it makes sense to tally all the good in your life.
  • List the events that have made you happy.
  • Note the new things you have learned. 
  • Focus on what you have achieved. 
  • Think about the small things that give you great pleasure.
  •  Remember a friend or family member you have lost. 
  • Add that new person you have met to your plus column. 
  • Calculate all of your small achievements.
  • Include any big accomplishments or upgrades.
Write down three things you would like to aspire to accomplish in 2014. Careful, make it simple, do-able, and something that you would enjoy doing.  Think about a small activity you can do in 2014 that can change some one's life.

I hope for now that you are catching my drift. We sometimes spend time and energy focusing on what we can't do or what we don't have in our lives.  We need to stand still and realize the bounty existing in front of us.  To simply say it: practice the art of being present. To quietly and thoughtfully be in the moment without judgment, observing where you are, experiencing the place you are at, and finding the best in each person you are with at that moment.

Thanks for reading my blog, please come back again. Don't forget, you can suggest topics you would like me to tackle. Send me a comment or an email.

Happy New Year!

Pat W Coffey


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