2014: Another Adventure Begins

 2014 launches me into new territory on my writing journey. This year I am going to examine and explore the world of epublishing and self-publishing. Aren't they the same? You may query. Well, the answer is yes and no. I have choices depending on the vehicle and the vendor I choose to use to self-publish.
My writing career has spanned several decades.Yes, I do remember using a Smith-Corona typewriter, learning to use a PC with a green and white screen, finessing a mouse, and finally in the last three years dancing with a MAC.

My software experiences are vast and diverse. I remember getting copy ready for the "printer" who would want specific spacings for the type setting. Now I format documents in a pdf. and electronically send them to a nationwide copier center by Internet and pick up my documents, collated, and bound as I requested.

So, I am not timid about venturing into this new world of epublishing. I want to be discerning. I want to know what are my responsibilities? What are the expectations for marketing? Who does what?
It is a new journey in my quest to write more and learn new technologies.  From time to time, I'll update you and let you know how I am doing in the world were books really consists of 'letters and light.'


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