Monday, February 17, 2014

2014: Writing As A Right and Passion

Writing has been a passion of mine for as long as I can remember. It was one of my secrets until about 1981 when I quickly learned to take my mental and verbal ability to cut to the bottom line and do it while typing on a PC. Yes, corporate America, retail as a matter of fact, wanted streamlined instructions and procedures. The computer age appeared on the scene and information had to be concise and clear. Hence, written instructions had to reflect the ease of the technology. This was the beginning of a twenty year career based on my writing skills enhanced by a Masters Degree in Professional Writing.

Then life happened, and my fast-paced life changed, but the drive to write was still alive and well. I had stories to tell. Poems to write. I wrote when life let me.

So, here I am trying to get my stories out to the public. Why? because when I tell my stories to people they are curious, they want to know the ending (which I never tell). They always ask, "Is this autobiographical?"

I coyly answer, "Some maybe, some maybe not." The truth be told, I believe everyone has the right to write. Everyone can write. Everyone has stories to tell. Is everyone going to make the best seller list? Probably not, but if you are a hardy soul, which you have to be to pursue the madness that follows after you write your first draft. You can publish without perishing. At least, I hope so.

Monday, February 10, 2014

2014: Valentine's Day: Be A Sweetheart to Your Self and Others

This week hosts the holiday many look forward to celebrating and many dread. Valentine's Day doesn't have to be for lovers. Yes, the card shops, restaurants, flower shops, jewelers flood the media with ads reminding you to remember your sweetheart, your loved one, your lover, et cetera, et cetera.

We all should stop and take stock in how we love our self. Yes, you read it right. We can't love someone else, be faithful and supportive, if we aren't loving towards your self.  Oh, I know we all have read books or watched movies where the hero or heroine are long-suffering with a unrequited love. Wake up folks. How healthy is that?

Today's model of love should portray balanced individuals seeking other balanced individuals. We need role models of men and woman who take care of themselves emotional, physically, intellectually, and spiritually.  Heroes or heroines should be seeking partners not projects in books, plays, movies, and in all types of media.  Idealistic? Probably, we are human after all. 

So back to reality, we all like to be wooed every once in awhile, but we don't have to be weak. So, if you don't have a significant other in your life, first woo yourself:
  • indulge in a long hot bath
  • buy a small amount of very expensive chocolates for yourself
  • buy a bottle of your favorite wine and share it with a friend who also will appreciate it
  • splurge at the spa-pick your favorite treatment or one you never selected

By now, I bet you have a few ideas of your own. 
Once you have found something for your self, 
do something for someone else:
  • visit a relative or neighbor who lives alone and bring them a Valentine treat
  • select a Valentine card for someone who has been there for you through a tough time
  • buy or make Valentine treats for the office (do this only if it will make you happy)
  • send Valentine flowers to someone you think would love a bouquet from an anonymous admirer
Again, the Valentine nod doesn't have to be a big item. It should be 
an appropriate action, token, or expression that simply says "I acknowledge you for being a good human being. I am glad you are here." Be a sweetheart, give someone a smile with an act of kindness on Valentine's Day.

Monday, February 3, 2014

2014:Webinar on Self-Publishing

An all day webinar for $19.95 slashed down from $89.95, who could pass this opportunity up? I thought about it. Scoped out its sponsor and looked at the agenda. Check out the panelists on their websites.


I thought, if I didn't like what I was watching or listening to, I could walk away. Anyway, I didn't have to spend gas money, eat a chicken lunch, or have to wait in line for the bathroom (the curse of so many conferences). I was home, comfortable, and could take a break without disturbing the flow of the 7.5 hour webinar. Yes, you read it right! It was a 7.5 hour webinar with five minute breaks between each topic.

Your question: Was it worth your time? You bet, I found out more information on the do's and don'ts of self-publishing than I have in the past three conference I've attended. I learned a ton about the marketing. I learn about how to develop the right audience platform. The Author Panel was unbelievably candid and forthright with information, encouragement, and enthusiasm. Theresa Ragan, on of the panelist, grossed a million dollars in 2013 entirely publishing ebooks.

The panelist were not all five star presenters, but there were slides to copy, video panels, and discussions on the book business. Was it worth 7.5 hours? Yes! It also was a steal at $19.95.  If you ever see this webinar offered at its original price of $89.95, it is worth it.
information never was redundant. All presenters gave you helpful websites as resources for building your self-publishing business.

I would encourage anyone who is looking for a way to have a place to write, is a site to browse. They have many opportunities for writers of all skill levels.