2014: Writing As A Right and Passion

Writing has been a passion of mine for as long as I can remember. It was one of my secrets until about 1981 when I quickly learned to take my mental and verbal ability to cut to the bottom line and do it while typing on a PC. Yes, corporate America, retail as a matter of fact, wanted streamlined instructions and procedures. The computer age appeared on the scene and information had to be concise and clear. Hence, written instructions had to reflect the ease of the technology. This was the beginning of a twenty year career based on my writing skills enhanced by a Masters Degree in Professional Writing.

Then life happened, and my fast-paced life changed, but the drive to write was still alive and well. I had stories to tell. Poems to write. I wrote when life let me.

So, here I am trying to get my stories out to the public. Why? because when I tell my stories to people they are curious, they want to know the ending (which I never tell). They always ask, "Is this autobiographical?"

I coyly answer, "Some maybe, some maybe not." The truth be told, I believe everyone has the right to write. Everyone can write. Everyone has stories to tell. Is everyone going to make the best seller list? Probably not, but if you are a hardy soul, which you have to be to pursue the madness that follows after you write your first draft. You can publish without perishing. At least, I hope so.


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