2014:Webinar on Self-Publishing

An all day webinar for $19.95 slashed down from $89.95, who could pass this opportunity up? I thought about it. Scoped out its sponsor www.shewritespress.com and looked at the agenda. Check out the panelists on their websites.


I thought, if I didn't like what I was watching or listening to, I could walk away. Anyway, I didn't have to spend gas money, eat a chicken lunch, or have to wait in line for the bathroom (the curse of so many conferences). I was home, comfortable, and could take a break without disturbing the flow of the 7.5 hour webinar. Yes, you read it right! It was a 7.5 hour webinar with five minute breaks between each topic.

Your question: Was it worth your time? You bet, I found out more information on the do's and don'ts of self-publishing than I have in the past three conference I've attended. I learned a ton about the marketing. I learn about how to develop the right audience platform. The Author Panel was unbelievably candid and forthright with information, encouragement, and enthusiasm. Theresa Ragan, on of the panelist, grossed a million dollars in 2013 entirely publishing ebooks.

The panelist were not all five star presenters, but there were slides to copy, video panels, and discussions on the book business. Was it worth 7.5 hours? Yes! It also was a steal at $19.95.  If you ever see this webinar offered at its original price of $89.95, it is worth it.
information never was redundant. All presenters gave you helpful websites as resources for building your self-publishing business.

I would encourage anyone who is looking for a way to have a place to write, www.shewritespress.com is a site to browse. They have many opportunities for writers of all skill levels.


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