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March 2014:Go Forth and Make History

As we honor the many women who have shaped our history, let us also celebrate those who make progress in our time. Let us remember that when women succeed, America succeeds. And from Wall Street to Main Street, in the White House and on Capitol Hill --   let us put our Nation on the path to success.   Barack Obama, President, United States of America, March 1, 2014   These words taken from the official Presidential Proclamation announce National Women's History Month 2014.  What does this mean to women? Women Sharing American women live a different life than most of the women of the world. Women today are offered opportunities never dreamed of by their mothers, grandmothers, and great grandmothers gain by the extraordinary efforts of American woman who came before us. These opportunities expanded and earned throughout the centuries. It is necessary to remember those who struggled, but we need to look around and notice those women, the ordinary woman who are making extra

March:National Women's History Month 2014

National Women’s History Month 2014  Celebrating Women of Character, Courage, and Commitment  Women Inspiring Innovation through Imagination Each year, March is designated as National Women’s History Month to ensure that the history of American women will be recognized and celebrated in schools, workplaces, and communities throughout the country.  This year’s theme,  Celebrating Women of Character, Courage, and Commitment,   honors the extraordinary and often unrecognized determination and tenacity of women. Against social convention and often legal restraints, women have created a legacy that expands the frontiers of possibility for generations to come. They have demonstrated their character, courage and commitment as mothers, educators, institution builders, business, labor, political and community leaders, relief workers, women religious, and CEOs. Their lives and their work inspire girls and women to achieve their full potential and encourage boys and men to respect th