April 2014: National Poetry Month

"Poetry is the echo of the soul. It is God speaking through us."
Honor yourself and write a poem.”
— Pat W Coffey

April celebrates an form of expression attempted by writers throughout the ages - Poetry.  My personal writing journey began with poetry. The first writing award I received was for a poem written in high school about the fear of graduation.  Poetry allowed me to write emotional events in a short hand of descriptions and phrases. No parameters, just thoughts, emotions, and words filling the page with adolescent fury.

Every human is capable of a poem because poetry offers multiple forms of expression, from a haiku to a sonnet. Poetry has something to offer for everyone. Take some time this year and awake the poet within your soul. Be still, listen, inspiration is all around you. Write a poem for your self. It will make you wonder what else you are capable of doing.


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