May: Remember Mom

Mom and Me ©

She was my touchstone, 
My shoulder to lean on, 
A lap to sit.
As a child I would play,
Running in my world with joy and abandon,
Knowing that mom would always be there.

Mom and me, Mom and me,
Forever I thought we would be.

Life goes by quickly.
It fools you. 
You think all remains the same.
I thought that Mom and me were forever.

In the kitchen we planned
The cookies we baked.
There I sat on the counter space
Pouring measured cups handed to me,
Baking together, just Mom and me.

Shopping for special dresses
We would trudge.
The dress suited for both Mom and me.
It didn’t matter if it took the entire day,
Or ran into a week, the dress had to be perfect,
For Mom and me.

Sitting at the table
Discussing the holiday menu,
The food had to be festive, joyful, and plenty.
There had to be the annual specialties
Prepared by Mom and me.

Tablecloths and napkins ironed,
China and crystal taken out,
Washed and shined.
Silver polished so brightly
The pieces reflected Mom and me.

I grew up and moved away,
Conversation continued by phone
Between Mom and me.

There were no more moments were I could touch her.
There were no more kitchen or shopping adventures.
Some days it seem that I would never feel
The warm bond of “Mom and Me.”

                                                  Then a daughter to me was sent,
As she grew, she then began to say,
“Already taken care of..."
 By Mom and Me.

Mom and Me © is an original poem written in memory of my mother Mary Wegner.  Permission to use this poem is required.


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