2014: Father's Day - "If Only I Could..."

The topic of Father's Day dominated the last few weeks.  Newspapers remind us with ads of things 'Dad needs.' Television, radio, and the Internet prompt us of items every father wants for his workshop, garage, or cabin. This mild rant about Father's Day, like every holiday remembering a loved one, focuses on things.

My husband and I no longer can pick up the phone and talk to our fathers. We lost the moments of hearty laughs, intense conversations, strolls through the gardens, and the comfort of their presence.

Both our fathers born at the beginning of the twentieth century lived complicated lives.  They served in World War II. They came home. Built a life with a woman they loved.  Raised a family and wanted their children to have a better life than they did.

My dad would be 97 years old this Father's Day.  My husband's father would be 104 years old. Today we yearn for the day of talking to them face-to-face.

This holiday invokes strong memories. The celebration of Fatherhood evokes thoughts and questions we'd like to ask our fathers today. If only we could ask them:
What are the pleasures of your life?
Tell me something about your parents.
Tell me something your grandparents.
What were the hardest times of your life?
What were the best times of your life?
Explain to me the things you do at work.
Share with me the folks you like to spend time with to relax.
What innovation has been good for the world?
What would you like to tell me today?
Do you know I love you?

Give the gift of your presence: pick up a phone, text a message, Skype, Facetime, send a card, drop by, email, Instagram... today we can keep in touch so easily.


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