August 2014: Celebrating a Personal Partnership

 When in Doubt: DANCE!

This weekend my husband and I celebrate spending half our lives together as a couple. If you consider the marriage vows as a measurement of success, we have touched all the aspects of the challenges those vows predicted. Yet, here we are waking up each morning happy to see each other. Laughing, hugging, and yes, sometimes even disagreeing with one another on the little things. But, we still like one another more than we did when we first met in graduate school.

How does a couple accomplish longevity? There is no advice to give to anyone. Each couple must tackle their own unique issues and problems. There is one mantra that we both feel has helped:

Staying married is the hardest thing you do in your lifetime!

A couple's life would be simple if all they would have to do is tend to the dynamics between themselves.  Extended family members, children, friends, the demands of work, sickness, the maintenance of health, financial issues are just a few of the "mine fields" waiting to tear you apart.

Staying together is work, not to mention a whole lot of compromise. You need to learn to balance both ways. It is honoring the wants and needs of your partner. Collaboration on diplomatic levels ia critical (especially when it comes to any children who come into the marriage). It is sex, fun, interest in the other person's ideas, dreams, motivations. It is talking to each other all the time (but only when both parties are ready to listen). It is knowing the "rules" are negotiable because life never is static.  It is knowing when the other person needs a time out, space.

It is with deep love that I dedicate this blog to my partner in life, my husband. Thank you for expanding my life and challenging my intelligence. As we face the years ahead, please let me know:

"Will you still need me,will you still feed me?
When I'm 64?"   ~John Lennon

Tim and Pat still hanging around together.

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