October 2014: The Business of Writing

Today, hard covered books are not the only publishing option. You need to understand all the aspects of Traditional and Non-Traditional Publishing. Even if you plan to get a literary agent, a business manager, or a public relations specialist, inform yourself about the writing business.

Writers aren't referred to as "faint-hearted." Everyone who scribed a piece of prose or poetry needs to understand their craft. A struggling apprentice needs to stay current about the business of writing.

This weekend I dared to explore the world of independent and self-publishing writers. Watch for my blogs sharing the following information gleamed from two fruitful days:
  •  Traditional publishing vs. Self-publishing
  •  Selecting a third party vendo that meets your self-publishing goals
  •  Writing a marketing plan 
  • Selecting alpha and beta readers and a critique group
  • Finding  independent book reviewers
  • Making friends with technology

A big thank you to all the organizers of IndieRECONLive! 2014 for a great conference. It was well-organized, offered multiple options for learning, and  attracted a sharing audience. 


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