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2014:NaNoWriMo Week Two Hits A Wall

Grueling describes the effort of my second week of NaNoWriMo. I missed a day of writing last week. Believe me, it is tough to try to make up 1667 words the next week. No matter how prepared you think you are before you start, pacing is key in achieving your goal of 50,000. I know people who have already written more than 30,000 words by the end of the first week. I don't know their strategy, but either they live alone, are unemployed, don't sleep, or have someone come in to cook for them. I cancelled much of life during the month of November, but 30,000 to 40,000 words in two weeks is beyond my scope. Master WriMos please tell me your secret in my comment section. Then there is the fear of your plot running a muck. I outlined my idea. Started writing my story and somewhere near the end of the first week the main character (MC) does something that throws my original outline askew. To make matters worse, the MC goes off the rails in the second week. Then out of nowhere a s

2014:NaNoWriMo Week One Explodes

Torturous, my preparation did not allow for the unforeseen family issues popping up during my first week of NaNoWriMo. I scheduled the local write-ins on my Google+ Calendar. I planned to hunker down with my fellow WriMos and write my heart out.  Didn't happen! I squeezed out my story in the wee hours of the night, in waiting rooms of health services, and anywhere I could sit for a half hour and write the next section. To add to my frustration, I wanted to finish early so I could get a better discount from Scrivener for completing my 50,000 words. What I didn't realize was my tutorial watching and software learning took days off my trial run. So I am under the gun to finish my 50,000 words sooner than I planned. This stop and start method of writing makes me feel stilted. My story doesn't feel like it has the rhythm and flow I like to see in my writing. I don't know if my feelings are the result of the external pressures of my environment or if my idea isn't goo