January 2015 - Be Fearless: Seek Workshops or Conferences

Take a workshop. 
Learn to give and take criticism.
                                                         Jodi Picoult

League of Utah Writers Conference 2013
The biggest challenge we writers face is keeping our writing crisp, contemporary, and relevant.  We write in isolation. Some of us may step out in trepidation and join a critique group. We believe we are generous by allowing others to read our "creative scribing." This is a good exercise in improving our writing, but you need to find the masters. "Nothing succeeds like success." (Alexandre Dumas)

Where do you seek success? Well, you might find one or two successful writers in your local writing organizations or you may even live next door to one. Seeking information from successful writers gives one the opportunity to learn. Conferences also help a writer take advantage of some of the new technology, publishing options, agents, editors, etc.

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Where do you find these individuals? At writing conferences or workshops, okay, I know they are expensive. Finding an excellent workshop requires research, planning, and an investment of personal time and funds. Every writer needs to budget for a workshop or two each year.

 While you are formulating your writing goals for 2015, make sure you add put a workshop or writers' conference on the list.  Take some time to surf the net for the workshops or conferences you think will rejuvenate you and your writing career. After all, you are what you write.  If character development holds up your writing, a webinar could be all you need. If you want to meet agents, plan on attending a large writer conference. Check out conferences in Sun Valley, New York, Chicago,  Las Vegas, or San Francisco.

If you live on the West Coast venture to an East Coast Conference. If you are a Midwesterner, look at a conference in Canada or a Southern state. Look beyond the area you reside to extend your "writing  network." Sometimes it is not only the speakers of the workshop or convention, but the location that propels you to reach your writing goals.

Genre driven writers' organizations offer local and national events.  Research these opportunities. You may find something interesting. This is an investment in you, the writer. It is an opportunity to get you out to discover yourself.

So, if you truly are a "fearless writer," find a workshop, conference, or webinar, or two to sharpen your skills in 2015.

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