March:2015 - Be Fearless: Ask For Help

           After drafting multiple books and outlining countless ideas, I concluded I needed to get serious about publishing. My regular "Critique" group produced a list of revision suggestions. I didn't want to start this process before checking if someone else stepped out a revision process.Deep in my soul I realized someone created a It was then I took the bold move and asked for help.
        I belong to several writers group on FACEBOOK. I reached out to members on Writer Unboxed (This group is by invitation.) My plead was simple:
"Help! I am in Revision Hell! 
Any tips on how to focus and get the work done?

       The response was fantastic. Encouragement, food ideas, time management suggestions, and this wonderful site Fiction Universityenter "Revision Plan" in the search box on the left hand side of the page. You ascend to another place where there are choices and plans to help you create your process of revising. 
       The responses from these writers also inspired me to look at Scrivener with a critical eye. I recently purchased a bundle of resources from The Write Life. The package contained the "Learn Scrivener Fast" program. I committed two days focusing on the program. I imported my novel from WORD to Scrivener. This tool reads the text back to the writer, (available only on MACs). This feature is an enormous help to me. 
        Thanks to my writing colleagues I am moving forward on the road to revision with a plan and powerful tools. Information infuses one with power and confidence. I learned a big lesson. Be fearless: 'Ask for Help,' especially when you are feeling overwhelmed.

“Writing is a delicious agony.”
—Gwendolyn Brooks



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