April 2015- Be Fearless: Read, Learn, Write

The longer I write the more I appreciate the work of other authors. Some scribes have characterization down to a science. While wirters of suspense weave mysteries holding the reader's interest long into the night. My personal reason for reading these days is not only for the joy of a "good read." I use my reading as an opportunity to observe how other writers deal with those writing issues that send many a writer into the abyss of frustration.

I just finished reading, All The Light We Cannot See, by Anthony Doerr. I chose   this book because of the reviews on Goodreads.com., Oprah's Book Club, and Barnes andNoble recommendations.  I wanted to see why readers, not critics, not publicists, but readers called the book, "Excellent."

The book's two main characters have separate plots. The author writes about each in a separate country with different obstacles to overcome. The author's description of the settings and characterizations pull you in the story. The story answered a criticism from two of my beta readers.

My current work in progress has multiple characters with different storylines. Two of my beta readers said it was difficult for them to keep track of "who was who."  Another beta reader pointed out, it was difficult to keep track of the places the action took place. Anthony Doeer helped me realized how to fix my issues. His writing process lead me to solutions with the issues I was having with my own book.

Reading is a must for a writer. We learn from other writers. We can step back and observe how they apply writing techniques.  Thank you for a great read and some "teaching" moments

"You cannot open a book without learning something."   Confucius*

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