April 2015-Be Fearless: Seek Poetry

Society under values its poets. If you ask a reader to name an author, they rattle off several names of their favorite fiction writers. Ask that same reader who is today's up and coming poet? (Expect a pause.)  Better still ask who is the poet laureate of their state? (They  will change the subject.)

April is National Poetry Month and I am appealing to all my readers and writer friends to promote poetry this month. The following activities are simple and offer support to your poet colleagues:
  • Seek out the poets in your life. Ask them about their work. 
  • Buy a collection of poetry and read it. Send the poet a thank you note.
  • Go to a Poetry Group reading during this month.
  • Drag out any piece of poetry you have written in your lifetime. Read it, polish it, and submit it.
Poetry is the emotional reflection of life. It is an intellectual exercise in expression. Some forms of poetry have constraints and strict rules, while other forms are flexible and flowing. Don't be afraid of poetry: seek it, read it, write it.

Poetry is an echo, asking a shadow to dance. – Carl Sandburg


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