Be Fearless- Check Out Those Lists

One of the events of summer is the launch of the annual O magazine 2015 Summer Reading List. Okay! snicker if you must, but as writers we also must be aware of the competition.The following link includes forty-two books reviewed by Natalie Beach, Hamilton Cain, Leigh Haber, Sarah Meyer, Elyse Moody and Richard Nash. If you just scan where the books are available you will see "IndieBound."  Do you know what that means? Do you know who they are and where they published and who owns it the company? 
You may never read a book from Oprah's 2015 Summer's Reading List, but you can find out a lot about the publishing world and book distribution by looking through the list. We as author's must become business managers, public relations gurus, and sales managers. 
Take a moment and look at what happening in the book world. Take a moment and review the link below:


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