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Be Fearless: Maintain A Writing Schedule

      As I sit in my office, a small room tucked in the basement of my home, I'm attempting to maintain my writing schedule. The writing schedule repeated on the pages of my planner. My room contains a desk, couch, reference volumes, books read and to be read, and even a PC in case my laptop blows up. The sign on the door warns intruders: "Do not disturb. Novelist at work." You'd think with these lovely digs and furnishings I'd keep my schedule religiously.  Maintaining my writing schedule remains a consistent challenge.     Those of you who know me would say "How can that be? You are retired." Retire doesn't mean I don't volunteer, have appointments to keep, household chores to do, the need to eat, family interactions by phone,"'skype" or in person, a garden to maintain, critique group preparations, a blog to write, do I need to go on?     What I can't figure out is how those of you who write, work a full time job, hav