Saturday, September 26, 2015

Be Fearless: Computer Sick-Revert to Other Technology

When a writer's computer is out of commission, (mine left me for three days) you find yourself using another technological tool.  My phone became my life line, "Galaxy" the android version of "Siri," understood me clearly by the end of the first day. This app was never on my radar until my computer became ill.

Urgent Facebook replies to family and friends accomplished with my phone's voice activated feature. The absence of my trusty computer lead to many an "ah-ha!" moment on my phone. "Galaxy" became my new 'modus operandi' for returning text messages.

My office took on the appearance of being organized. The family calendars coordinated with my phone. I even took on my husband's iPad to do some critical financial checking.

Yes, my handheld device provides multi-purposes, but it does not give me the creative tactile feeling of my fingers on a keyboard responding to the impulses of my brain to form letters to words, words to sentences, sentences to paragraphs and paragraphs to a draft. All of the technological wonders of the my phone cannot replace the feeling of sitting in my recliner with my laptop on my thighs typing away my next big idea.

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

September: Be Fearless-Ask a Writer About e-Publishing

These last few weeks have taught me a few lessons about myself and my writing processes. Let's examine the question: "How will I publish my book?" I lost count of the number of revisions Changing Habits morphed from its conception two years ago. After multiple beta readers, critique group examinations, selected readers to critique it, I felt ready to publish,  but fear held me in its grip until I remembered my theme this year is "Be Fearless."

I knew I wanted to e-publish. Taking my mantra to heart, I started studying the various avenues and choices of e-publishing. My notebook was filled with questions. The vendor choices are prolific.

I wanted hard copies for friends and family members who don't read online. Can I set up a"print on demand" system? Do I have to commit to a large run?  How many times have I listened to individuals who told the tale of spending thousands of dollars to print their book only to still have cases of copies still in their garage five years later?

Frustrated with all the information and no one to really give me advice except the vendors, I reached out to author Paul Genesse who has published several books. This generous soul knows me through a writer's organization and through a hospital where I volunteer.

This decision to ask someone in the writing world about how they distribute, promote, and manage their books helped me become an entrepreneur. Paul clarified my questions and fears in a ten minute phone call. He told me how he made his decision based on which e-publisher had the largest market share. He talked to me about the quality of a published book from several 'print on demand' vendors. He asked me if I  considered how much energy  I was willing to invest in promoting my book.  He probed to see if I understood niche market recognition, meta data, the importance of a professional cover, and more. I thanked Paul for his valuable time and his generosity. He said he would send me an email with links about e-publishing,

Paul 's openness propelled me.  I will publish. I understand the 'business-speak' of the e-publishing world. Thank you Paul for your time. Your expert opinion helped me.

Here are the sites Paul shared with me and I am sharing with you:

Near the bottom of the page, you'll see links to Brian Kittrell's videos that analyze the three of them, but here's a link to his YouTube page: 

Paul Genesse's books include:
STRATA: A story of the Future Suns, available now on the Kindle and Nook.
The Winds of Khalakovo, available now in print, and on the Kindle and Nook.
The Straits of Galahesh, available for preorder from AmazonB&N, and Indiebooks.