Be Fearless: Computer Sick-Revert to Other Technology

When a writer's computer is out of commission, (mine left me for three days) you find yourself using another technological tool.  My phone became my life line, "Galaxy" the android version of "Siri," understood me clearly by the end of the first day. This app was never on my radar until my computer became ill.

Urgent Facebook replies to family and friends accomplished with my phone's voice activated feature. The absence of my trusty computer lead to many an "ah-ha!" moment on my phone. "Galaxy" became my new 'modus operandi' for returning text messages.

My office took on the appearance of being organized. The family calendars coordinated with my phone. I even took on my husband's iPad to do some critical financial checking.

Yes, my handheld device provides multi-purposes, but it does not give me the creative tactile feeling of my fingers on a keyboard responding to the impulses of my brain to form letters to words, words to sentences, sentences to paragraphs and paragraphs to a draft. All of the technological wonders of the my phone cannot replace the feeling of sitting in my recliner with my laptop on my thighs typing away my next big idea.


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