Be Strategic: Blog

Before we even place our fingers on the keyboard, let's explore the origin of the word 'blog.' The word 'blog' is derived from the term weblog.  The act of journaling on the web became know as "blogging." The person who journals on the web is label a "blogger."

A blog consists of short concise valuable prose use by information seekers. This audience receives something of value. Your blog readership helps to build  and expand a platform for your books, speaking engagements, articles, and classes you create.

The key components of successful blogs:
  1. Choose a name or URL (It is your brand)
  2. Make sure the software platform works for you and readers
  3. Consistency is key for building an audience 
  4. Define the purpose for your blog 
  5. Create a flexible annual blog plan
  6. Make it easy for your readers to find your blog
  7. Learn to use 'Post Settings'
  8. Analyze your blog's data
  9. Make sure your audience responds to your blog
  10. Have fun with your blog
Your blog is a reflection of you as a writer. Once you commit to taking the mantle of blogger, you are wedded to your audience.

These links are resources to help you start a blog:


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